AGent+®:  Overview and Product Description

  • AGent+® Cleaner & Protectant is a patented, naturally derived line of advanced commercial, industrial and household cleaning and protectant product encapsulating nanoscale SILVER and COPPER particles.
  • Not only cleans but provides industry leading protectant abilities that continue to clean long after the initial cleaning. 
  • Creates “residual self-sanitation” (the promotion of hygiene and prevention of disease by maintenance of sanitary conditions) for up to 3 days after applying.
  • It is the naturally derived, formulation of water, citrus terpene (orange oils), isopropyl alcohol, nanoscale silver and copper, and a polymer that creates a unique “protective net.”
  • As AGent+® is applied, a protective net sets up on any porous or non-porous surface and “self-levels,” creating a protective growth inhibiting barrier, which works in reducing the presence of  bacteria, mold, mildew, and odor.
  • Patented (US 15/043,762).

AGent+® Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Protectant up to
3 Days Protection

  • Designed to clean and protect areas where people congregate.
  • e.g. locker rooms, buses, airplanes, washrooms, sports facilities, public use areas, porta potties, schools, prisons, vehicles.

AGent+® Hard Surface Cleaner & Protectant
up to 24 Hour Protection

  • Designed to clean and protect hard surfaces on a daily basis;
  • e.g. countertops, ceramic fixtures, tiles, plastics, glass, metal and many more hard surfaces.

What sets us apart
Our water-based formulations utilize natural citrus oils and isopropyl alcohol to clean like traditional products.

Banks and related institutions


65 Granby St, Toronto, ON, Canada

Customers can be depositing more than just funds to your banking staff!

​Help keep your staff healthy and use AGent+ for its RESIDUAL SELF CLEANING throughout the day
High contact areas where customers and staff meet can pose a challenge throughout the day to keep clean.

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